Jamal Peace 2011 Showreel !

After looking back on the last 6 months and realising how much I have learnt and the people I have met. I know how what I want and know how to get it.

In the meantime sit back and watch my first ever edit and my FIRST SHOWREEL !


Stussy Campaign + Ident

Stussy and OneTrickPony and I recently got together to celebrate 30 years of Stussy and to promote the new Stussy x Fergadelic tee release. The Campaign was to make a viral video for broadcast alongside the tee launch to boost brand/launch awareness. The project involved a 50 metre long wall half a dozen hands and some elbow grease, and if all that isnt enough i was also asked to provide a ident too!!

“The Stussy UK Tribe recently got together on a giant wall piece featuring the biggest Stussy logo ever and artwork from the Stussy x Fergadelic Nuclear Surf Tee. This video/photo shoot chronicles the project as they stop in at Chrome & Black London for some supplies and then head to the perfect brick canvas in downtown London. Rolling like royalty 30 years strong!!!”

Check the Stussy website here for more pics and info about the project.
Thanks to everybody involved in the project it was nice working together.
Special thanks to OneTrickPony, Also Londonewcastle who provided the amazing canvas at the LONDONEWCASTLE DEPOT, and to Chrome & Black who provided the paint.